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Blank Keyrings


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Perspex Keyring (Heart)
Perspex Keyring (Heart)

This is a blank Plexiglas/Perspex (acrylic) key ring. The size is more or less 35 x 40mm. It is ideal for doming. It comes with a chain and the split ring.


This key ring is ideal for promoting a product or service or just hand the key rings out to your clients to constantly remind them of your company. 

This is a standard stock item, but we can customize it into any shape or size you prefer. Please contact us for a quote on a customised design.

It comes in various different colours. When placing an order, please specify preferred colour.

Sky blue, lime, Dark green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, white, black and clear. 


Note that we may not necessarily have all the colours in stock, also note that we produce the keyrings after you placed an order so please place an order a day or two before collecting and wait for us to notify you once the order is ready should you wish to collect from us.

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Perspex Keyring (Heart)Perspex Keyring (Heart)Perspex Keyring (Heart)Perspex Keyring (Heart)
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